3 Simple Reasons Your House Hasn’t Sold

Has your home been on the market longer than you expected? Here are three simple reasons you might not have gotten an offer:

OVERPRICING. Overpricing your home is not the way to go. Research tells us that the first three weeks are the most critical. Overpricing your home could deter Buyers from making an offer.

UNRESOLVED HOME REPAIRS. Believe me; all the little things that don’t work can add up to a BIG thing to a Buyer. Make a list and fix all the things that you know are not functioning properly.

POOR PRESENTATION. Clutter, dirt, too much stuff! This will make your house look smaller than it is. Rent a storage unit and put all your extra items there. Move furniture and clean! Make the house sparkle. Organize your closets and cabinetry.

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