West Virginia Ranks Second for College Readiness

Starting college can be a difficult transition for many students, but West Virginia incoming freshmen are 2nd in the nation for being college ready.

Brainly.com polled 1,000 U.S. students ages 17 to 20 who graduated high school at the previous calendar school year and plan to attend college in the fall.

According to the survey, the incoming freshmen who responded were a representative sample across the U.S. in terms of geography, demographics, income levels, etc.

Brainly’s survey also revealed the top 10 states where incoming college freshman say they felt the most and least prepared.

The top 10 states where incoming freshmen said they felt most prepared:

1. Arkansas – 100%

2. West Virginia – 96%

3. Wisconsin – 91%

4. South Carolina – 89%

5. Oklahoma – 83%

6. Iowa – 80%

7. Minnesota – 78%

8. Alabama – 76%

9. Missouri – 75%

10.New York – 74%

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