Getting your Home Ready for Guests

Getting Ready for Guests During the Holidays  


In North Central West Virginia we had our first snow of the season. You know what that means….the HOLIDAY SEASON is NEAR! And as the holidays approach, many will be hosting guests. Here are some quick tips to get your home ready for the holiday season!


1.      Make a meal plan and go grocery shopping.

2.      Clean your guest room or blow up the air mattress.

3.      Buy fresh flowers.

4.      Add night lights so guests can navigate your home in the middle of the night if they need something.

5.      Wash some extra towels.

6.      Make bathroom supplies easy to find.

7.      Get extra blankets.

8.      Have a designated place for coats and shoes.

9.      Buy  extra candles.

Just enjoy the season and your guests!


10.  Have fun and enjoy your holidays!



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