Staging Your Home for the Holiday Season

Staging Your Home During the Holidays   


Selling your home during the holiday season can be difficult. Here are some easy tips for decorating your home AND making it attractive to potential buyers.


1.      Lights! Lights are the perfect decoration because they make your home brighter. It will also show off the architecture and landscape of your home! Set your lights on a timer so the home looks welcoming AND it will help those who are showing actually be able to see to put the key in the door!


2.      Stay away from tacky decorations. Leave the inflatable snowman in storage. Just remember that one person’s “merry” is another person’s “tacky”. When decorating, just keep it simple.


3.      Be an equal-opportunity decorator. During the holidays, there are many religions being celebrated. Keep your home neutral so anyone can picture themselves living there. You don’t want any decorations to be off putting to people looking at your house.


4.      Be mindful of the tree. If you use a tree while decorating for the holiday season, make it the highlight your home. If you have high ceilings, a tall tree will help highlight those high ceilings. If your room is small, make sure the tree isn’t taking up too much space making the room look even smaller.


5.      Declutter. Like always, make sure that your home is clean and decluttered. This will help buyer’s imagine themselves living in the home and not focusing on all the stuff that is everywhere.

Most of all….. enjoy the season! Call our professionals at KLM Properties for all your real estate needs!



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