The Season of Giving

Giving Tuesday – December Calendar  

 As you may know, December 3rd, 2019 was Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is typically the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is an international day of charitable giving as the holiday season begins. In the spirit of giving, the @GivingTuesday twitter account put a calendar of small acts that are great ways to give back and make the world a little brighter. Just imagine if we ALL just did a couple of these things….

We are devoted to making our community the best it can be!


December 1: Leave a kind notes on random cars.


December 2: Hold a blanket drive.


December 3: Giving Tuesday


December 4: Leave quarters at the laundromat.


December 5: Donate your old cell phone.


December 6: Send toys to the children’s hospital.


December 7: Bake cookies and drop them off at places people have to work at on Christmas.


December 8: Donate blankets to an animal shelter.


December 9: Send a card or care package to a solider overseas.


December 10: Let the person behind you have the parking spot your both looking for.


December 11: Help a neighbor carry groceries or packages to their door.


December 12: Offer to take someone’s shopping cart back inside.


December 13: Give blood.


December 14: Offer to give someone a ride home.


December 15: Help someone put up their Christmas lights.


December 16: If you know someone with small kids, offer to babysit for free.


December 17: Bring hot chocolate to the office on a cold day.


December 18: Volunteer to wrap gifts for friends and family.


December 19: Leave a dollar taped to the vending machine.

December 20: Compliment a stranger.


December 21: Leave a gift for your mail person.


December 22: Pay for someone’s coffee.


December 23: Volunteer to read holiday stories at your local library or nursing home.


December 24: Make your family member breakfast in bed.


December 25: Smile at EVERYONE you cross paths with.


December 26: Put sticky notes with positive messages in public places.


December 27: Over tip the waitress.


December 28: Volunteer at the soup kitchen.


December 29: Send a card to someone who’s sick.


December 30: Offer to shovel and salt a neighbor’s walkway.


December 31: Be kind to yourself!




Source: @GivingTuesday on Twitter




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