The New Pantone Color for 2020

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue & Steve

New Year, New Color  

The Pantone Color Institute has announced the color of the year is Classic Blue! Here are some tips about using this color in your home décor.

Decorating with Classic Blue

Classic Blue is often seen in more traditional home décor setting but it can also feel modern and fresh, depending on the material and colors which it is paired with. Whether part of a graphic pattern, infused into accessories or art work, Classic Blue can be incorporated in many different ways. It’s not hard to make a solid and timeless choice.

Where to use Classic Blue

Think of Classic Blue as a great accent color. Consider using it in accessories such as toss pillows, throws, art work, area rugs and accent furniture such as side chairs.

Tips for using Classic Blue

1.      Mingle blue accents through elements such as rugs, accent walls and furniture.

2.      Look to accessories such as toss pillows, throws and cases to infuse Classic Blue into any space.

3.      Don’t be afraid to pair it with lighter shades of blue.

4.      Pair Classic Blue with neutral colors to create a sense of contrast such as white, taupe and gray.

5.      Consider using Classic Blue as a foundation color. It can be used as a base color; similar to black or brown.

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