KLM Properties Agent of the Month

Lisa Ware

Lisa Ware – Realtor of the Month 

March’s Realtor of the Month at KLM Properties is Lisa Ware! Here’s a little about Lisa! 

1. What makes you stand out compared to other agents?
My knowledge of new construction is what makes me different. Looking through floor plans, color choices and finishes is easy and fun for me to do, I like sharing my knowledge with others!

2. What makes you stand out compared to other people?
I’m outgoing…. I say what I think!

3. What makes Morgantown special?
I went to college here and I knew this is where I wanted to live and raise my family. The people are what make Morgantown special!

4. Listing or selling?
I like both, but I like to sell better than listing a house. I take it personally and selling is honestly less pressure for me!

5. What’s the best day on the calendar?
August 8, 1987 – that’s the day I married the love of my life.

6. Guilty pleasure?
Peanut M&M’s.

7. Why are you a real estate agent?
I just love my job! I have made so many life-long friends by being a REALTOR I find a great sense of satisfaction helping people find a home.

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