REALTOR of the Month for June is Susan Storage

Susan Storage

Susan StorageRealtor of the Month    

June’s Realtor of the Month at KLM Properties is Susan Storage! Here’s a little about Susan!

1.      What makes you stand out compared to other REALTORS?

I consider myself very open to what any buyer needs, from $10.00 to $1,000,000! I just want everyone to have a home and be happy in it. I am very honest but still try to be mindful of others’ feelings so I tend to think before I speak.

2.      What makes Bridgeport special to you? 

I think Bridgeport is special to me because it is in my home county and I still have many ties here! I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

3.      What hobbies do you have outside of real estate?

I like being with my family and friends that have become my chosen family. I enjoy being outside and especially if there is a body of water involved

4.      Do you prefer Listing or selling? Why?

I prefer selling because I like the hunt for that one IT house or property.

5.      Why are you a real estate agent? 

I have always liked houses and looking at pictures of the really nice houses so I gave it a try about 5 years ago and I love it more than I thought I would.

6.      What’s more important – good photos or good pricing?

I feel that good pricing will make people look at properties but good pictures will draw them to the property. If we price them right they will come!!

7.      What are you learning during the pandemic?

I am learning that I am pretty good company for myself and a select few! I am learning that life is to short not to be kind and always smile. You might just make some ones day and it may be your own.

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