KLM’s REALTOR of the Month, Colin Ware

Colin Ware Realtor of the month

Colin Ware – Realtor of the Month 

What makes you stand out compared to other realtors? What makes you stand out compared to other people?

I’ve found the realtors I’ve had the opportunity to work around at KLM to be a universally kind, helpful, and accepting bunch! In that regard, I hope that I can call myself the same.  One uniqueness I bring is that I’ve spent almost my entire life emerged in real estate. With one parent as an agent and the other as a contractor, it probably would have been impossible not to pick up some of both. That upbringing has made me unafraid to jump into learning new skills and calmly solving the problems that inevitably arise.

Do you have any hobbies outside of real estate? 

I love to be outside! My free time is spent mountain biking, trail running, paddle boarding, etc. If I can be outside and moving, I’m at my happiest. When I’m home, I love to read and occasionally find time to write.

Listing or selling? Why?

Definitely listing! I really enjoy getting to take photos and videos of all the beautiful homes I have the opportunity of working in.

What’s your favorite Tik Tok?

Ohh no! I’ve actually never used Tik Tok. Does that mean I’m not one of the cool kids?

What makes Morgantown special? 

Morgantown just has a great combination of small-town kindness blended with the progressiveness that WVU brings to the community. You can run into an old friend at the store in the morning, then see a world-class show or sporting event in the evening.

What’s the best day on the calendar? 

That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

Guilty pleasure? 

Kettle Corn and the Harry Potter Franchise!

Why are you a real estate agent?

My family has been very influential in steering me towards real estate. With one parent a real estate agent and the other a residential contractor, I’ve straddled the line, finding work in both professions.

What is more important pricing or good photos?

Both are important but good photos are critical! We live in digital times, and first impressions are crucial. Great photos grab viewers, while poor photos get good listings overlooked.

Jelly beans or chocolate?


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