Simple Upgrades You Can Do that Make a Difference!

Q: What are your best tips for homeowners when it comes to useful ways to spend their time while at home?

A: As a homeowner, there’s no shortage of things that need to get done around the house—no matter the season. If you’re looking to get your property in tip-top shape, there’s no better time to take a close look around your home (inside and out) and put together a list of things that need some attention.

– Deterioration and rot can remove caulk and grout around a bathtub, which can cause leaks and lead to extensive damage to the surrounding walls. You can determine if there’s insufficient grout by checking between tiled enclosures for voids. Caulk integrity can be determined by gently pressing and checking for any sponginess, a sign of weakened integrity.

– Seals around kitchen and bathroom sink fixtures can become loose, leading to water damage in cabinets below. Examine seals and test them to see if they feel loose. If so, repair or replace them immediately.

– Add style to kitchens and bathrooms by installing new faucets. A stylish new kitchen faucet doesn’t have to cost a lot and can instantly update the look of the room. Updated faucets and towel bars in the bathroom will have a similar effect. While you’re at it, take a look at the door knobs and handle sets of interior doors. If the hardware is dated, unmatched or in poor condition, it may be time to replace it.

– Plants too close to a home’s siding can cause moisture damage and premature wear. Make sure to keep vegetation in control by keeping plants neat and trim.

– Downspouts often release against walls, which can cause the foundation to deteriorate, causing water to enter the basement. Redirect these downspouts away from the structure.

– Ensure that your property is safe by checking patios and walkways for cracks and loose bricks or pavers. These are a tripping hazard that should be addressed promptly.

– Inspect the irrigation system for broken sprinkler heads and emitters. Also, be sure to check for overspray, and adjust the system as necessary to prevent water waste.

– Update your home’s curb appeal by tackling basic maintenance and repairs. Clear clutter from the yard, clean up dead branches and trees, trim overgrown shrubs and keep the lawn mowed so that your property always has its best foot forward.

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