Robin Ruckle is the REALTOR of the Month for October

Robin L. Ruckle

Colin Ware – October Realtor of the Month 

1. What inspired you to become a realtor?

I was inspired to get into Real Estate after seeing the commitment my daughter and son-in-son’s realtor made to them when they were house hunting. I was ready for a career change and knew my years of customer service experience would be an asset to becoming a good realtor.

2. What traits do you think a good realtor should possess?

A good realtor will be there for their clients from start to finish possessing great communication skills, knowledge, and sincerity.

3. What makes you stand out compared to other realtors?

I love helping others! I will help no matter how difficult it can be. I don’t like to give up so I will be there for my clients.

4. Do you prefer the Fall time or Summer time more?

I prefer summer time. I love being outdoors. Summer time gives me more opportunity to do the things I really enjoy like gardening, bike riding, hiking and swimming.

5. What is your favorite part about being a realtor?

My favorite part of being a realtor is helping my clients get to closing. It’s a happy/sad day for you. You’re happy they have closed on their home but sad because you won’t be seeing and communicating with them as much. You truly develop a bond/friendship with your clients.

6. Did you pick up any new hobbies during the pandemic?

I have taken advantage of the social distancing expected from the pandemic. I have spent quality time hiking amazing trails seeing and appreciating nature’s beauty. I have also mastered making face masks to wear during this pandemic.

7. Would you prefer to live at the beach or in the mountains?

Living at the beach has always been my dream.

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