Chaille and Whitney K. Adkins have recently taken the reins of KLM Properties, a real estate firm that has been a cornerstone in the North Central West Virginia area since its establishment in 1994. This transition marks the evolution of KLM Properties into a second-generation business under the capable leadership of the Adkins. Armed with a profound respect for the company’s history and a shared vision for its future, Chaille and Whitney are dedicated to building upon the strong foundation laid by the founders. Their commitment to innovation, client-centric practices, and community engagement positions KLM Properties for continued success and growth. With a familial connection to the business, the Adkins bring a unique blend of tradition and forward-thinking, ensuring that KLM Properties not only retains its longstanding reputation for excellence but also evolves dynamically in the ever-changing real estate landscape. The acquisition marks a new chapter for KLM Properties, where the legacy of the past meets the promise of the future.

Our Clients & Customers

At KLM, we prioritize the unique needs of our clients and customers, pledging an unwavering commitment to their satisfaction. Our assurance is to navigate you through a seamless and enjoyable journey, be it in the process of buying, selling, or renting a home, with assertiveness and enthusiasm. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is not only stress-free but also culminates in optimum value. Our goal is to exceed expectations, providing personalized guidance that transforms each real estate transaction into a rewarding and satisfying endeavor for our valued clients.

Our Company & Staff

The real estate agents at KLM Properties stand out as paragons of excellence, embodying a commitment to professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to their clients. Renowned for their in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market in Morgantown, West Virginia, KLM’s agents consistently go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. With a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of the intricacies of buying and selling properties, these agents navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with finesse. What sets them apart is not just their proficiency in the industry, but also their genuine passion for helping individuals and families find their ideal homes. Whether guiding first-time buyers or seasoned investors, the real estate agents at KLM Properties are known for their transparent communication, integrity, and a personalized approach that truly makes them trusted partners in the real estate journey.


KLM Properties is more than a real estate agency; it’s a dedicated community partner committed to making a positive impact in the North Central West Virginia area. Beyond the realm of property transactions, KLM Properties actively engages in various initiatives to contribute to the well-being of the community it serves. Whether through charitable donations, volunteer efforts, or sponsorship of local events, KLM Properties demonstrates a deep-rooted commitment to the betterment of North Central West Virginia. The company’s involvement extends beyond the real estate market, reflecting a genuine understanding of the interconnectedness between a thriving community and a successful business. By fostering relationships, supporting local causes, and actively participating in community development, KLM Properties not only helps individuals find homes but also actively contributes to the overall prosperity and vibrancy of the region.


KLM is a real estate industry leader when it comes to our integrity, facility, innovation, progressive marketing and technology, compensation, client satisfaction, and financial strength. We respect and coincide the mortgage, title, construction, inspection, legal, and other related industries that contribute to our success. Our passion for the real estate industry empowers us to assist clients in their most important investments—their homes.


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