Salesperson, REALTOR® ABR, GRI, GREEN, ePro, SFR, MRP

What made you decide to become a REALTOR?
I’ve always had an interest, and when I was ready for a career change, selling real estate was the perfect fit for me.

Provide a brief description of your real estate background
Over the past 20 years I have bought and sold numerous real estate investment properties including homes, condos, restaurants, and night clubs. I have handled “flips” and startup operations. I was hands-on with the design or redesign, branding, licensing, operation implementation and contract negotiations.

What one word would your past clients or friends use to describe you?

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THANK YOU so much for getting our home rented out. As you know, this has been an incredibly difficult year thus far for my wife and I. I was ready to let the house go into foreclosure so that I could afford to pay my wife’s medical care. THANKFULLY because of GOD and YOU, that did not have to happen!


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