Marcelle Widmer – Realtor of the Month 

February’s Realtor of the Month at KLM Properties is Marcelle Widmer! Here’s a little about Marcelle!

1) What makes you stand out compared to other agents?

I appreciate strong communication, and I expect it when working with any professional. I give that to my clients. I keep them totally informed and continuously updated on the progress of the sale. They don’t have to ask me. I’m keeping them updated constantly. We’re in it together. They’re not alone.

2) What makes you stand out compared to other people?

I’m FAR more interested in OTHER people than I am myself. I could be Barbara Walters, I’m VERY curious about you. Tell me more…. like this questionnaire….I could have written it.

3) What makes Morgantown special to you?

First of all, Morgantown is my hometown. I’m very proud of the success of Morgantown, and its ability to continue to grow commercially, residentially, and economically. We’re a VERY diverse city, but, we’re also VERY inclusive. There’s more to do in Morgantown whether it be outdoor activities, the theater, volunteering, or unique businesses evolving all the time to entertain the community. We’re VERY LUCKY to be the home of West Virginia University and all the benefits this powerhouse brings to our community.

4) What is your hidden talent?

I can play the Alto saxophone.

5) Listing or selling? Why?

Selling. Most buyers are EXCITED about buying a new home, investment, whatever, and are so optimistic about the future. It’s rewarding to be a part of that. They don’t usually HAVE to buy, they WANT to buy. When they share with me their home improvements AFTER the sale (like one of my buyers is currently doing) I am thrilled. I helped them GET THAT. I made a difference in their life!

6) What is the best day on the calendar?

Tomorrow–I always want a tomorrow!

7) Who is your favorite Real House Wife? Why?

Lisa Vanderpump: She’s beautiful. Her husband adores her. She has an “ark” full of assorted animals, she makes them her personal “cause”, and she is a TRUE businesswoman BEFORE becoming a real housewife. She’s the real deal in glamour.

If you are looking to buy or sell property, give Marcelle a call at (304) 290-5366. Or email her at