Looking for homes for sale in West Virginia with acreage for sale?

You are in the right place. You can search online real estate websites such You can also contact our real estate agents who specialize in properties with land and can assist you in finding a homes for sale in West Virginia with acreage that meets your criteria. To narrow down your search, specify the desired location, number of acres, and other specific requirements such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and price range.

KLM Properties is here to offer detailed information about homes for sale in WV or help you make an informed buying decision. All you have to do is check the Property Type and select from the dropdown menu.

The total land area of West Virginia with acreage is not a specific number that can be easily provided as it depends on the definition of “acreage.” Some land in West Virginia may be designated as agricultural or rural, but not all of it may be available for sale or designated as “acreage.” For an accurate estimate of the total land area of West Virginia with acreage, you may want to consult a real estate agent or a relevant government agency such as the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Need Homes for Sale in West Virginia with Acreage?

If you are specifically looking for homes for sale in WV with acreage, make sure to select the option for Lots/Land/Acreage under the Property Type section at the left. Then don’t forget to select the specific city. For example, if you’re looking for homes for sale in Morgantown, WV with acreage, just select Acreage from the Property Type then select Morgantown as your City. As easy as that!

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Things to do in West Virginia

Why visit West Virginia

West Virginia is full of scenic nature, friendly faces, and honest to goodness family fun for all ages. Charleston Capitol Market The Charleston Capitol Market was created in 1997 using the architectural bones of the Kanawha and Michigan Railroad railyard from the 1800s.

In addition, those interested can take part in walk-in workshops, where they’ll witness live glasswork and can even join in by making their very own paperweight.

When to visit West Virginia

Traditional West Virginia dance with its many influences takes center stage, with demonstrations of Irish, Scottish, Morris, Swiss, Croatian and Appalachian dancing.

Better Plan a Spring Trip, too: Vandalia Gathering ( Charleston, West virginia ) Rich Appalachian folk culture is celebrated at the annual Vandalia Gathering, keeping the old ways alive in the modern era.

Traditional West virginia dance with its many influences takes center stage, with demonstrations of Irish, Scottish, Morris, Swiss, Croatian and Appalachian dancing.

What to do in West Virginia

Whitewater Rafting Paddlers rank West Virginia as one of the top river destinations in the world for both technicality and scenery (think towering cliffs). See the Hatfields Gravesite The Hatfields, of the Hatfields and McCoys feud fame, are buried in West Virginia. Visit West Virginia’s Beautiful State Capitol West Virginia is home to the most beautiful state capital of them all. Tour the Blenko Glass Company Blenko is a brand of hand-blown glass that has been produced in West Virginia since 1893 and is seen and sold around the world. West Virginia Public Radio’s nationally syndicated show, “ Mountain Stage “, has been going strong in the Kanawha Valley for over 30 years. This live show is a reason that people visit West Virginia. Sample Blue Smoke Salsa If you’ve ever seen a display of West Virginia products, chances are you have seen Blue Smoke Salsa, a delicious jarred salsa created and bottled in Ansted, West Virginia. Spend the Weekend at Stonewall Resort The Stonewall Resort is in West Virginia’s rolling hills and is full of outdoor fun. Watch a Baseball Game Come out and enjoy America’s favorite pastime at Appalachian Power Park with the West Virginia Power. The Power is West Virginia’s minor league baseball team and is the class-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Tour the WV State Wildlife Center Located in French Creek, the West Virginia State Wildlife Center is home to owls, raccoons, bison, river otters, and bears plus many other local animals.

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