At KLM, we understand that the process of selling your home can be challenging, and that’s why we offer a personalized and professional service. Our team utilizes advanced tools to determine the true value of your home and recommends suitable improvements to enhance its appeal. We work collaboratively with you to decide on the best time to list your property for maximum visibility in the market and to win great offers promptly. Our ultimate goal is to sell your home quickly, with less stress and at the best possible price. At KLM, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


FSBOs (For-Sale-By-Owners) tend to have a lower median selling price—more than $26,000 less—than agent-assisted home sales, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Don’t be a FSBO, choose an agent at KLM Properties to handle all the planning and get your home in sell-ready shape… and beyond.
There should be a good reason you are wanting to sell your home, perhaps a job change or the need for more space. Your reason for selling can impact the negotiating process so it’s important to discuss your needs and wants with your KLM agent.
The marketplace tends to be more active in the spring and summer months. However, with the diverse culture and amount of opportunity North Central West Virginia brings, there are always people looking to buy a home. Your REALTOR® will go above and beyond to plan the perfect time to sell.
Improvements should be made so the property “shows” well, is consistent with the neighborhood, and does not involve capital investments (the cost of which cannot be recovered from the sale). It is necessary to look at a home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and determine what needs to be cleaned, painted, and repaired. Ask yourself: “If I were buying this home what would I want to see?”. You want to be sure your property is competitive with other homes in your community. Don’t worry, you REALTOR® will help you do just that!


Ninety-one percent of sellers reported that their homes were listed or advertised on the multiple listing service (MLS) website. While half of FSBOs take no action to market their homes, and 73% of FSBOs do not offer any incentives to attract buyers, KLM Properties implements aggressive and strategic marketing tactics to get your home in the spotlight it deserves.
Typically, a home inspector will come to the property and take two to three hours examining various structural and mechanical works to determine safeness. After it has been inspected, the inspector will record the findings and report them to the home buyer. Findings could be issues that need immediate attention, as well as probable issues down the road.
The best way to prepare for your inspection is to reread your purchase agreement and review your obligations. For example, if you have agreed to paint a room or replace the dishwasher, you will need to complete these things before closing. Your KLM agent can discuss your agreement with you and the steps which must be taken to complete the transaction.
The inspection is a physical review of your home. The inspector will examine the exterior of your home, including walls, foundation, grading, garage or carport, and roof. In addition, the inspector will most likely check for radon. Specifically, he/she will check the plumbing, electric, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), your water heater, kitchen appliances, laundry room, bathrooms, and smoke detectors.


Our REALTORS® have sold hundreds of homes over the years. We know what assets to highlight, what the buyers are looking for, and we always come prepared. Our experience with selling real estate in West Virginia is unlike anyone else’s.

The closing is the actual, legal transfer of ownership, and where all the “adjustments” are made. You (the seller), the buyer, the lender, the listing and selling agents, and the closing attorney all attend the closing process meeting. The attorney reviews the sales agreement to determine what credits you should receive, and what payments are due from the buyer. You will review many records, including:

  • the closing documents, which is a balance sheet of all the funds changing hands between the parties
  • 1099 Tax Form
  • the deed to the property
If you paid your taxes in advance, the attorney will compensate you for the prepayment at the time of closing by having the buyer reimburse you.

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