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Adam & Rachel Heller

KLM Properties is the only real estate company for us! They treated us like family.

Buying your first house can be a very intimidating and overwhelming experience, which anyone who has gone through it can attest to. This was the case for Adam and Rachel Heller. They had recently been married and wanted to buy their first house.

“We had no idea how to even get started. A friend of ours from Parkersburg recommended we call Kathy Martin from KLM Properties. Our friend was someone we trusted so we made the call.”

Although this was the first real estate experience for the Hellers, they had a good idea of what they wanted. “We knew what we wanted in a house and the location, but didn’t know how tough it would be given our budget. Kathy and Shelly Martin both listened to us and took the time to educate us on how the process works.”

After looking at several of their favorite houses in the area, it became clear that the couple’s expectations were not very realistic. “At one point, we made an offer on a home that was smaller than what we wanted, but it was in a neighborhood we liked. Luckily for us it didn’t work out.”

Kathy and Shelly helped the couple not be discouraged, and after convincing them to look at other areas, they found the house they wanted in an area that is even better than where they initially looked.

“We are just grateful that they stuck with us and helped us find our first home. Kathy and Shelly treated us like family and not just a client.”

When asked what advice they would give to others who are buying for the first time, this is what they had to say… “The first thing to do is call KLM Properties. They will guide you through everything and you will feel like part of their family. Best of all, if it is out there, they will find it.”