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Kimberly, Sean & Peyton

Robin made sure my job was to just find the right house for me, and hers was to take care of everything else.

When you’re seven years old, change can be horrifying. You’ve just moved up from kindergarten to a big bad first grader, you’ve mastered hopscotch at recess, and you may even be able to tell when it’s time for mom to take you to dance class. As you’re progressing in school, learning how to make friends, and just getting comfortable ringing the doorbell to see if the neighborhood kids want to play, leaving behind the routine you’ve gotten used to can really throw you off.

Originally from Michigan, Kimberly Meigh and Sean Loos moved from Pittsburgh, PA, to Morgantown, WV, for Kimberly to pursue her career at WVU. While this was certainly a change for them as parents, they were trying to make a smooth transition for their daughter, Peyton. Having rented a place in Morgantown for the past year, the couple concluded that their utmost priority was to purchase a home in Peyton’s current school district.

After some setbacks with another agency, Kimberly and Sean decided to start over with Robin Ruckle and KLM Properties.

“We tried somebody else and it was really not a great experience. We wanted a bigger company with more exposure. Then we found Robin, and we knew she was it!” realized Kimberly.

The parents were also impressed that Robin was dedicated to making Peyton the center of their search.

“There wasn’t anything we couldn’t ask [Robin], and there wasn’t a time when we couldn’t ask it. She was always around in the evenings, and was available to us even after we put Peyton to bed, which could be as late as 10:00 on any given night,” admitted Kimberly, “She was always super flexible.”

Robin took the initiative, making sure every minute of their home search together was valuable. She compiled a list of the top homes based on the family’s criteria, and arranged for Kimberly, Sean, and Peyton to tour six houses in one day.

“Robin was so patient and willing to stay all day with us,” remembered Kimberly.

They came across a newly-renovated home from the 50s, and were pleased with its potential, especially the kitchen. The cherry on top of their already seamless home buying search, this house was all ready to move in. So that’s exactly what Robin helped them do.

Peyton was especially fond of the fact that she would gain her own bathroom next to her bedroom (which she painted in her favorite colors and designs), a play area for a basement, girls’ time in the Jacuzzi, a big yard with lots of kids to play with, and some taco making skills from her parents in their huge kitchen. It’s safe to say, she’s adjusting just fine in her new home!