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Lincoln Kinkade

Working with KLM Properties makes buying a home virtually stress-free.

Buying and selling homes rarely result in a predictable outcome. Lincoln Kinkade and his family were presented with a unique opportunity to trade houses with another family who was also searching for a home.

“You would think the process of basically swapping homes would be an easy one,” recalls Lincoln, “But there are so many variables involved, that it can actually be more stressful than simply purchasing a home in the traditional sense.”

Lincoln had successfully worked with Lisa Ware, an agent at KLM Properties, on several projects in the past, so the choice was obvious when it came to this endeavor. “Working with Lisa has been great, she always delivers beyond our expectations.”

“My suggestion to anyone who is buying or selling a home, no matter how simple or complex the situation may seem, would be to make sure you are working with an agency who has the knowledge and experience to make the process easy and stress-free,” advises Lincoln.