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Bill and Sonia began their real estate journey back in the mid-’90s. “At the time we were renting a place in Morgantown but had decided it was time to buy. So, we called KLM Properties and they helped us buy our first house. It’s really neat looking back now to think that KLM Properties was just getting started and so were we. Since then, we have bought three times and sold two times with KLM Properties. Kathy and the rest of the team have taken such great care of us. We’ve never had to worry about anything working with them. They are super knowledgeable, know the area very well, maintain excellent communication throughout the process, and at the end to the day, we trust them. I highly recommend Kathy and KLM Properties!”

All of us at KLM Properties consider it a privilege to help people find it, buy it, and sell it. Especially, over the course of 25 years!

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