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Kandice Shomo

Kandice has a knack for interior decorating and believes in picturesque living both inside and outside. Because of her love for adding decoration to her rooms, she quickly outgrew her current townhome, and was looking to upgrade to a house with more space.

Kandice had never dealt with home buying or selling, or with a REALTOR® at all, for that matter. She was referred to Traci Aberegg, of KLM Properties, by a friend, and decided to give her a shot. Kandice was immediately impressed with how Traci listened and provided honest and straightforward feedback.

“I was wanting an older place with some charm that I could fix up.”

Traci visited Kandice’s current place because she was also the selling agent of her townhome. As she got to know Kandice and see her style, she knew that Kandice was not going to be happy with an older home.

Traci talked Kandice into looking at a newer home. “She showed me this place and it was perfect! It was just a perfect fit,” Kandice says, gleaming. She saw the plan, and Traci helped her undergo a contract the very next day.

“She almost knew what I wanted better than I did.”

Kandice is thrilled that Traci was able to sell her townhome so quickly, and could begin to decorate and add originality to her fresh new home.

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