KD & Ashleigh Burdette

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KD & Ashleigh Burdette

KD and Ashleigh Burdette first worked with KLM Properties in December of 2008 to sell their first home.

“We had made the mistake of buying our first house without the guidance of a real estate agent. When the time came to sell that home, we needed a lot of help; we wanted Randy Neal and KLM Properties!”

The Burdettes knew Randy prior to working with him, and they were confident they would be in good hands. “We wanted Randy because we knew we could trust him.”

KD and Ashleigh had very specific requirements for the type of home they were looking to purchase. They wanted less of a yard to care for, plenty of square footage for a growing family, a community setting, and to be in the Cheat Lake area.

“We knew that this would be a tough combination to find within the budget we had set, but somehow Randy pulled it off. Our home is exactly what we envisioned. We have access to a private community that even has a pool that we can enjoy, but not have to take care of. It’s like we are living on permanent vacation.”

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