Mallory & Dale Dunlap

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Mallory & Dale Dunlap

When Mallory and her husband Dale needed to relocate to Morgantown, WV to start a new job, they were overwhelmed with the prospect of finding a new home.

“With our first baby on the way and our family dog to consider, we were stressed about finding a home that would accommodate our needs.”

KLM Properties was recommended by a friend, so Mallory began working with Traci Aberegg. The process of searching for a home needed to move quickly because Mallory’s job would be starting soon, and their schedule would only allow one trip to Morgantown to search for homes.

“Traci went above and beyond, and always put our needs first,” agreed Mallory and Dale.

In one trip, agents from KLM Properties arranged 20 home viewings, ultimately helping Mallory and Dale to find the one they were looking for.

“I remember Traci staying very late that night so that we could put an offer on the home that we wanted.”

After their offer was accepted, Traci worked hard to insure that everything involved with the closing went according to plan, and Mallory and Dale were able to close on their home within 40 days.

“I never had to wait long for a response when I needed something,” recalls Mallory.

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