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Sonny & Renata Busch

Sonny and Renata Busch originally moved to the Fairmont area from Colorado nearly 5 years ago for work reasons. Sonny, an avid outdoorsman, loved the mountains of West Virginia, and although smaller than the Rockies, they provided him the lifestyle he loves.

“We loved the Fairmont area and hoped to spend the remainder of our careers there.”

However, as things so often change, Sonny’s work required him to move once again back across the country in a short amount of time.

“We’d gone through the real estate process before and honestly weren’t looking forward to it based on past experiences. This time, a friend recommended we call Kathy with KLM Properties to help us sell our home so we could focus on relocating.”

Selling a home can be very stressful and hectic. This is intensified when trying to coordinate a move across the country and the purchase of a new home at the same time. KLM worked quickly to assess the market value, prepare the home for sell, and coordinate the many aspects of the selling process.

“Kathy was an excellent guide throughout the entire process. Her communication was timely, fast, and direct. She kept us calm and on-track from day one to close. The personal attention was outstanding and a wonderful change from past experiences.”

The Busch’s home was listed and sold within two weeks of listing.

“It was impressive and a huge sense of relief to sell the home so quickly. Kathy, Becky, and the entire KLM team was great and demonstrated the same professional qualities we saw in Kathy.”

Once their home was under contract the work didn’t stop. There were inspections, sub-contractors, and dates to be coordinated.

“KLM also had great resources to help us find the various support services we needed. This was by far the best real estate experience we have ever had. Kathy was awesome.”

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