Steve & Teresa

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Steve & Teresa

Steve and Teresa knew exactly what they wanted in a home and turned to KLM Properties to help them find it.

“A friend of ours in Morgantown recommend we contact Traci Aberegg at KLM Properties since she had done a great job for them. When we first met with her we explained what our expectations were, what we were looking for in detail, and where we wanted to be located.”

At KLM, we take the time to know our buyers wants and needs and then leverage our knowledge of the local markets to find homes that will meet our clients expectations.

“It was amazing. Traci showed us three homes that were all spot on with what we had in mind, but the third house was perfect. She truly listened to us and worked super hard and fast on our behalf to make it happen. From the time we started looking to the time we closed was just over one month. That’s incredible! ”

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