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Things to do in Cheat Lake WV

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The Morgantown and Cheat Lake areas provide activities for everyone.  If you want to enjoy a nice dinner in town or head into the woods to camp you can do it all.  Coopers Rock & Snake Hill provide some of the most easily accessible and scenic views in the state.

Cheat Lake is a 1,730-acre man-made reservoir located in the northern part of Monongalia County, about 10 miles east of downtown Morgantown and West Virginia University’s Main Campus.

Some areas of the lake are a perfect getaway with calm and shady waters where you can drop your anchor, turn on the radio, and crack open a cool drink. These areas are known by the locals as “the backwaters” and are the spots for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Other parts of the lake cater to more adventurous spirits. Power-boaters, inner-tubers, jet skiers and water skiers can be found along the main drag of Cheat Lake.

Cheat Lake Activities

Boating & Water Sports

1. Boating & Water Sports

Cheat Lake provides a great place for boating and enjoying your favorite water sports.  The lake’s wide and narrow sections provide the opportunity for different water conditions.


2. Fishing

The Cheat River & Lake have rebounded from their polluted pasts and now support a healthy array of fish.  There are over 46 recorded species of fish in the lake.  During the weekdays the lake is not very busy so it is a great time to get out.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

3. Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is a great way to spend a morning.  You get to paddle the lake and enjoy yoga on the paddleboard.


4. Kayaking

Cheat Lake provides two accessible launches if you want to kayak or canoe.  There is a launch at the Cheat Lake Park and by the Ices Ferry Bridge.  The best times to head out are the mornings are evenings.

Eat, Drink, Have Fun

5. Eat, Drink, Have Fun

There are three restaurants and bars located on the lake. Each has its own unique food and venue.  It’s always fun to spend an evening with friends watching the sunset.

Go Exploring

6. Go Exploring

Around the lake are some swimming holes and areas to explore.  With a section of the lake surrounded by state forest, you can sneak off to find some of the hidden waterfalls and rock slides.