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Things to do in Fairmont WV

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12 Best Things to Do in Fairmont, West Virginia

West Virginia has a typically warm climate, especially in Fairmont, where the weather is typically temperate. In Fairmont, WV, nearly 19,000 people call it home and spend their time enjoying outdoor activities, fresh food, and history. With a long history, Fairmont was established by Boaz Fleming in 1789. Visitors will find peaceful outdoor parks with historical significance from both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. On your visit, be sure to check out all the historical societies and museums Fairmont has to offer. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

Prickett’s Fort State Park

1. Prickett’s Fort State Park, Fairmont, WV

Inside the fort are four blockhouses (in the corners), a storehouse, a meeting house, and 14 small cabins. In the park outside of the fort are trails, picnicking areas, and an outdoor amphitheater for performances.

Heston Farm

2. Heston Farm, Fairmont, WV

The Heston Farm is over 200 acres of land that features a pavilion, winery, animal farm, a natural spring, and a community garden.

Marion County Historical Society

3. Marion County Historical Society, Fairmont, WV

Today, each room features a historical period in America and Marion Country. Be sure to check out the collections about the glass industry, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, black history, and coal barons of the area.

Marion County Park and Recreation Commission

4. Marion County Park and Recreation Commission

The wave pool uses machinery to create artificial waves that have swimmers tubing and floating the waves all afternoon. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer West Virginia day.

Marion County Vietnam Memorial

5. Marion County Vietnam Memorial, Fairmont, West Virginia

A US Army Helicopter, called the Huey, is also displayed at the memorial. This helicopter logged almost 5,000 hours in flight in Vietnam.

The Fleming Mansion

6. The Fleming Mansion, Fairmont, West Virginia

During special occasions, such as Christmas or tea events, all three levels are open for viewing. Today, the members are the ones who undertake special restoration projects and fundraisers to keep the mansion in top shape.

Historic Woodlawn Cemetery

7. Historic Woodlawn Cemetery, Fairmont, WV

The first man to ever be buried there was Joseph Hamilton in 1875 when his gun went off and killed him.

Mountain Creative

8. Mountain Creative, Fairmont, WV

Mountain Creative includes a private room for those who want to put together a party. While at Mountain Creative, guests can work on mosaics, pottery, painting, and other crafts.

Muriale’s Italian Kitchen

9. Muriale’s Italian Kitchen, Fairmont, WV

You’ll often be greeted by Rocco himself when you first enter Muriale’s. Once seated, you’ll be treated to Southern Italian-style food for lunch or dinner.

The Poky Dot

10. The Poky Dot, Fairmont, West Virginia

Blackberry cobbler, apple dumplings, cheesecake, s’mores, milkshakes and floats are just a few options. The Humongous Banana Split lives up to its name with nine scoops of ice cream alone.

Cantoni’s Pizza

11. Cantoni’s Pizza, Fairmont, WV

Owner, Adam Cantoni, took a 60-year-old family recipe from Brescia, Italy, and adjusted it until the recipe was perfect for American clients.

Mom’s Place

12. Mom’s Place, Fairmont, WV

Homecooked meals are found in the dining room, providing comfort food, like beans and greens, in a Mom and Pop atmosphere. Customers say that the food is delicious, the prices are affordable, and you’ll feel like Mom is cooking just for you.