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Jul 18th, 2019

West Virginia Ranks Second for College Readiness

Starting college can be a difficult transition for many students, but West Virginia incoming freshmen are 2nd in the nation for being college ready. polled 1,000 U.S. students ages 17 to 20 who graduated high school at the previous calendar school year and plan to attend college in the fall. According to the survey, the incoming freshmen who responded were a representative sample across the U.S. in terms of geography, demographics, income levels, etc.  Brainly’s survey also revealed the top 10 states where incoming college freshman say they felt the most and least prepared. The top 10 states where incoming freshmen said they felt most prepared: 1.      Arkansas – 100% 2.     West Virginia – 96% 3.     Wisconsin – 91% 4.     South Carolina – 89% 5.     Oklahoma – 83% 6.     Iowa – 80% 7.     Minnesota – 78% 8.    Alabama – 76% 9.     Missouri – 75% 10.New York – 74%     For more information go to:

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Jul 9th, 2019

KLM Properties Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Morgantown's Real Estate Needs

You community real estate agency, KLM Properties is celebrating 25 years in the real estate industry. KLM began with one office located on the Mileground and has expanded it's sales force to Bridgeport with a second office. KLM Properties can service your real estate needs in all of North Central West Virginia. "Our territory extends from Elkins, WV to Pennsylvania."' said broker/owner Kathy Martin "It's important for our clients to know we are from the area, we know the market and it's vital for us to continue to make our community the best it can be. We hope that KLM Properties will be going strong for another 25 years!" To read the full article go to:

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Jul 3rd, 2019

A New Community is on the Horizon for Morgantown, WV

Sabraton School Demolition to provide new housing options for Morgantown residents. A new housing development is planned for the Morgantown area.  The 100 year old building that was formerly Sabraton School, located on the corner of Listravia and Doyle Street in Morgantown has seen better days.  The building is currently being demolished and the 6 acre parcel will be transformed into housing.  The area will be a “front porch” community with a gated entrance and sidewalks according to the article in the “Dominion Post” written by Ben Conley.  The area consists of approximately 6 acres, and although is holds happy memories for Morgantown residents, this new development will provide another exciting housing option.  This ideal location is close to shopping the interstate, public transportation and more.   

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Jun 19th, 2019

According to survey, now is the time to sell your home!

WASHINGTON (June 19, 2019) - The latest consumer findings from a National Association of Realtors® survey reveal that many more Americans believe that now is a good time to sell a home. The second quarter of 2019 saw a jump in optimism in selling, as 46% strongly held that belief, up from 37% in the first quarter. NAR’s chief economist Lawrence Yun notes that home prices have increased only moderately and says that is a contributing factor as to why the overwhelming majority feel that now is a good time to sell. “With home price appreciation slowing, home sellers understand that the days of large price gains from holding an extra year are over.” An increased number of Americans also think that now is a good time to buy a home, and of those respondents, 38% answered that they strongly believe that notion, and 27% said they moderately believe the present is a good time to buy. Thirty-five percent disagreed, stating that now is not a good time to make a home purchase, which is unchanged from 2019’s first quarter. See and share this infographic. NAR’s second quarter Housing Opportunities and Market Experie

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Jun 13th, 2019

What's Happening in Morgantown!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Check out This site has the most up-to-date information of what’s happening in Morgantown AND surrounding areas! Hope you make plans to do something fun and different this weekend!

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May 16th, 2019

Help US Celebrate!

We can’t wait to celebrate KLM Properties 25th Anniversary with you! Plan on dropping by our office at 1533 Mileground Road on May 22, 2019 from 5:00-7:00 pm. We will have appetizers, drinks, a photo booth and cornhole! We are pretty competitive, so stop by and bring your A GAME!

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Apr 29th, 2019

Now is the Perfect Time to Sell

New findings from a survey from the National Association of REALTORS ® show that 77 percent of Americans think that now is a good time to sell a home, a new record high. Respondents in the West were the most likely to believe that now is a good time to sell (85 percent) as well as those who currently home a home (82 percent). Much of this optimism comes from several successive years of robust home price growth. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun has this to say about why property owners feel ready to list their homes. “Though the vast majority of consumers believe home prices will continue to increase or hold steady, they understand the days of easy, fast gains could be coming to an end. Therefore, more are indicating that it is a good time to sell, which is a healthy shift in the market.” If you are thinking of selling your home, call our Morgantown office (304) 296-1533 or Bridgeport (304) 933-3002. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

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Apr 26th, 2019

Don’t Do It Alone….There is a Better Way!

Are you thinking of selling your house? Did you know that KLM Properties, Inc. can do a CMA for you?A CMA is a Competitive Market Analysis. It will give you an idea of how much your home will sell for in the current market. At KLM Properties, we service your real estate needs in the Morgantown and Bridgeport areas as well as in Pennsylvania. In fact, KLM Properties services over 14 counties in WV & PA! Call us, a CMA is free and without obligation to you! KLM Properties has been serving the areas real estate needs for 25 years….Let KLM show you, there is a better way! Morgantown Office:(304) 296-1533 or Bridgeport Office (304) 933-3002.

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Apr 22nd, 2019

Selling your home solo to save money?

Some homeowners opt to sell their residence without a real estate agent to avoid paying a commission and make more of the profit. Forty-three percent of people (down from 48 percent last year) who sell without a real estate agent think that if they sell themselves, they’ll end up doing a little extra work in exchange for not paying a commission or closing fee. According to the research, however, what they actually get is a lot of time spent hustling to make the sale and a final selling price that is less than what the market can bear. Do you have a lot of extra time to market your home and do all the work to meet and greet properly? Are you versed in local trends on the housing market and know the latest regulations for closing a sale? Do you have a list of potential buyers ready to view your home? Eighty-nine percent of all homes sold in 2017 were sold with the assistance of an experienced real estate professional, according to the 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Most leave it to the professionals, yet there is still a small group of people who prefer to do it themselves. Eight percent of home sellers chose to list themselves, known as For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBO) home sales. That number has steadily declined since 2004 where only 82 percent of all home sales were agent-assisted and 14 percent of homes were listed FSBO. FSBO sales are currently at an all-time low since data collection began in 1981. Tirty-eight percent of all FSBOs—that’s only three percent of the total home sales in 2017—were homes sold to people where the buyer knew the seller selling to a friend, neighbor, or family member. However, 62 percent of FSBO home sales—five percent of total homes sold—were sold by the owner to someone they didn’t know. According to the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Profile report, sellers cited creating yard signs, listing their homes online on multiple websites, spreading the news through word of mouth, putting out classified ads, displaying on social media, hosting an open house, and registering with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. That’s a lot of work just on marketing and finding potential buyers. The time it takes to sell a home on the market was a median of two weeks for FSBO sellers and three weeks for agent-assisted homes, but again many of the sales are arms-length transactions. Forty percent of all homes were sold in less than two weeks last year. Most FSBO homes sales were located rural areas (22 percent), urban area or central cities (19 percent), or small towns (16 percent). Sixty-six percent of FSBO sales were detached single-family homes, compared to 81 percent of all homes sold. Thirteen percent were mobile or manufactured homes, compared to three percent of all homes sold. FSBO sellers typically had lower incomes than those who worked with an agent. The median income of all FSBO sellers was $86,500 and for those who sold only through an agent was $102,900. Those who sell themselves have the perception that they have less money to pay for assistance when selling their home and opt to go it alone. As it turns out, FSBO make less money on their home sales than buyers who work with a real estate agent. According to the report, the median selling price for all FSBO homes was $190,000 last year. When the buyer knew the seller in FSBO sales, the number plunges to the median selling price of $160,300. For homes sold with the assistance of an agent, the median selling price was $250,000 ̶ that’s $60,000-90,000 more for the typical home sale. (Note: Home sale prices vary according to many factors, including the type of home, location, a city’s cost of living, and for example, whether a home is sold at “arm’s length”). According to NAR’s 2017 Member Profile, seventy-five percent of all real estate agents get paid by a percentage commission split between two agents representing the buyer and seller. Talk to an agent and find out what they suggest for the commission and then do the math yourself. The closing price for the agent-assisted seller is likely going to be way above an FSBO. In reality, homes sold by the owner make less money overall. Based on these closing numbers, why not save yourself time and make more money by working with a real estate agent that is excited to sell your home?

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