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Four Legal Tasks To Do When You Move

Moving is a big job. There are countless checklists available on the internet for packing timelines, directions on how to pack your boxes and lists of packing supplies. But planning a move is more than getting rid and organizing your personal belongings. There are legal tasks that you need to consider as well:

Read your lease: Review your current lease to make sure you have a clear understanding. If you need to move before the lease term is expired, are you allowed to sublet to a new tenant? How far in advance do you need to let the owner know you are vacating the property. These are all issues that you need to cover.

Protect yourself with insurance: Carefully read the contract with your moving company, what insurance do they provide and should you obtain additional insurance?

Notify your creditors: Update your address with your creditors to ensure you do not miss any correspondence. Be sure to complete a change of address with the United States Postal Service and request that your mail be forwarded to your new address.

Keep receipts if you are relocating for a job: You may be able to write off your expenses if you are required to relocate more than 50 miles due to a job change. Review the IRS requirements or check with your accountant to see if you qualify for this tax break.

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