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It is Important to Winterize

Winterizing your home

This winter has been especially cold but it’s not too late to winterize your home. Here are some affordable tips for getting your home winter ready.

Service Your Heater - Every winter you should make it a point to have your heater serviced. Not only does this ensure your heater is in good working order but will alert you to any issues early on. There really isn’t anything worse than the heater breaking down during a winter storm. If you get your heater serviced on a regular basis it will help save you on your monthly utility bill as well.

Change Your Filters - If your home has filters for your A/C & heater unit, make sure to change them every summer and winter. Once these filters get clogged up, your A/C or heater unit has to work much harder to warm up or cool down your home. Anytime your unit has to work harder, it means you are going to end up with a hefty utility bill. Filters are very inexpensive and can be picked up at Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot or any other home improvement store.

Reverse Your Fan - If you have a ceiling fan in your home, make sure to put the fan in reverse. When you put your ceiling fan in reverse it pushes the warm air down. Pushing the air down helps to keep the home warm and requires almost no electricity at all. If you are unsure of what direction reverse is on your fan, simply look at the fan blades. When the fan blades are counter-clockwise, you know that your fan is in the right direction.

Take Care of the Pipes - During the winter months it’s fairly easy to end up with frozen pipes. Believe me when I say you do not want to end up with frozen pipes! Take a trip to your local home improvement store and ask for material to wrap your pipes. Make sure you are aware of where your pipes are located (basement, crawl space, etc.) as the home improvement store will ask you several questions to ensure they are setting you up properly. If your pipes are prone to freezing, let your faucets drip to keep the pipes from freezing.

Turn Down the Thermostat - Turning down that thermostat can really help you save cash every month. Keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and around 62 degrees in the evening will give your heater unit a break and can easily save you up to 50% off your monthly utility bill.

Humidify To Lower Thermostat -Yes, you read correctly; humidifiers can equal lower heating costs. The heat our bodies feel is a combination of temperature and humidity. In other words, the more humid the air, the warmer you feel. If you add humidity to dry, heated air in the winter, you can set your thermostat lower and still be comfortable. When selecting a humidifier, take into account the purchase price, operating costs and maintenance costs of the unit. Some models consume more energy than others, so choosing a model that is right for your home and budget is important. There are several different types of humidifiers. Some of the most popular types of humidifiers are warm mist humidifiers, steam vaporizers, cool mist humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, and evaporative humidifiers. Many people prefer cool mist humidifiers because, unlike vaporizers and warm mist humidifiers, they don’t have a heating element inside. Whether you choose a warm mist or cool mist humidifier is a matter of personal taste. Either way both types raise the humidity level and will make your home more comfortable. The cool mist humidifier is the most effective in adding moisture to the air: it works faster, doesn’t make the room hot and lasts longer. Also, with a cool mist humidifier there is no risk of being scalded with hot water or steam. I prefer warm mist humidifiers.

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